#111 Hedgerow, edited by Caroline Skanne


#111Hedgerow is up!
Delighted to be part of the new issue of #Hedgerow! Thank you, dear Caroline Skanne for including my work in this wonderful magazine ūüíď

Eufemia Griffo

with work by Alan Summers
, Kris Moon, John Hawkhead, Anna Maris, Eufemia Griffo, David J Kelly, Pravat Kumar Padhy, David Serjeant, Alexis Rotella, Neal Whitman, dan smith, Andy McLellan, Tina Crenshaw, Marietta McGregor
Julie Warther, Angela Terry, Grant Savage, Larry Kimmel, Safiyyah Patel, Elmedin Kadric, David Oates, Mary White, Pat Davis, Mike Michael Rehling, Stephen Toft, Ola Lindberg

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to #111 of hedgerow!¬†if you¬†missed it last¬†week, the spring¬†print¬†issue (#110) is now available¬†to purchase from the¬†publisher‚Äôs website below ‚ÄĒ


a warm thank you to readers & contributors alike. without your continued support, this publication would not be thriving.

this week features work by Alan Summers, Kris Moon, John Hawkhead, Anna Maris, Eufemia Griffo, David J Kelly, Pravat Kumar Padhy, David Serjeant, Alexis Rotella, Neal Whitman, dan smith, Andy McLellan, Tina Crenshaw, Marietta McGregor, Julie Warther, Angela Terry, Grant Savage, Larry Kimmel, Safiyyah Patel, Elmedin Kadric, David Oates, Mary White, Pat Davis, Mike Rehling, Stephen Toft, Ola Lindberg

to enjoy #111, click on the link below…

#111 hedgerow

with love & kindness,

Caroline Skanne,
founding editor

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