Results are In: Your Favorite Writers

Dal blog di Charlotte Digregorio, un interessante sondaggio sul nostro scrittore preferito.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

I’ve always believed that in order to be good writers, most people can’t limit themselves to one genre of writing. The more you practice diverse genres, the better you become at writing your favorite one. You pick up so many writing tools from practicing many genres.

Writing grows on you. As a young writer, you may tell yourself that your goal is to be a non-fiction writer. But later in life, in doing a lot of reading, going to writing events, and  making friends with writers of other genres, you find that other genres attract you, too.

I remember long ago when I had a friend who wrote mystery novels, I first told him I wasn’t interested in reading mysteries. He suggested I read some mystery novels and gave me a few names of famous mystery writers. The next time I walked into a used bookstore, I picked up a…

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