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Very Pleased to be Interviewed about Poetry

Today, I was interviewed for the second time on Eufemia Griffo’s beautiful blog that contains a lot of haiku, both written in English and Italian, the latter, her native language. She also runs many bi-lingual haiku of other  poets.

I so much appreciate Eufemia’s time and effort in interviewing me. As many of you might have noticed, Eufemia is a follower of this blog and reads with care the  published haiku in The Daily Haiku.  Her comments are always appreciated. Eufemia is an award-winning author of many genres, and takes every opportunity to write when she is not teaching school. Her discipline as a writer and her accomplishments are admirable to all who know her. And, her efforts influence us all to be better writers. She is regularly published in many English haiku journals.

It’s especially gratifying to see the level of interest of several Italian haiku poets who make the effort of translating their work into English, and submitting it on a regular basis to print and online journals. They add yet another dimension to the wisdom and sensibilities that native English speakers cherish in the appreciation/writing of haiku.

Please log onto Eufemia’s blog and support haiku on an international level!




Thank you Charlotte for your kind words and your support! 

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