Butterfly Dream edited by Chen-ou Liu

Absolutely honoured to appear for the second time in Butterfly Dream edited by Chen-ou Liu, with one poem of mine translated into chinese and commented by editor. 
This poem has already been published in Failed haiku August 2017 edited by Michael Rehling.



English Original

fallen leaves
gathering the pieces
of another life

Failed Haiku, 2:20, August 2017

Eufemia Griffo

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Eufemia Griffo is from Settimo Milanese (Milano) Italy. She is a writer and poet who has published books of poetry and fiction, including Dracula’s inheritance (The Legacy of Dracula), which she co-authored with Davide Benincasa, and The river is still flowing (a collection of tales). She has won many awards for her writing and has published haiku in the best international magazines. Her blog is Eufemia Griffo

The opening line sets the scene and seasonal context while the unexpected yet thematically and emotionally significant last line elevates the haiku to a philosophical/contemplative level, sparking the reader’s reflection on (the circle of)life and death.


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