The Absence of water ( Failed haiku, Jan. 2020).

The Absence of water ( Failed haiku, Jan. 2020).
An awesome project edited by Michael Rehling. Honoured to be part alongside these brilliant poets with one poem of mine.


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heat wave
only a handful of rice
in the empty bowl

Eufemia Griffo

nagging thirst
as if a cool spring
would burst forth

Hansha Teki

prolonged drought
the red cloud kelpie
turns to dust

Cynthia Rowe

late proposal
the champagne bottle

Radostina A. Dragostinova

the smell of
too much deodorant

Elizabeth Crocket

dried-up cornfields …
dad’s weather-beaten face
looks defiant

Natalia Kuznetsova

darkening clouds deep in the frog’s croak not a doubt

Kala Ramesh

dustbathing crow
flying deeper
into the drought

Brent Goodman

winter wind
singing an ave
for a lost friend

Steve Hodge

desert mirage…
wish the glistens of sands
could sate his thirst

Munia Khan

the trickle
of this childhood creek
Earth Day

Chen-ou Liu

watering the plants
as if it’s an emergency

Kath Abela Wilson

the farmer’s
milkless cow
grazes on weeds

Carole Raisfeld

summer drought
a thunderstorm
in the produce section

Terri French

muted trumpet . . .
learning to be
what you want me to be

Corine Timmer

in all the world
one tree
bearing an apple –
even I, an atheist
would have to think twice

Michael H. Lester

barren field
the bowed head
of a scarecrow

Adjei Agyei-Baa

stranded . . .
boat sails paint
the Milky Way

Don Baird

all day hike
ocean fossils
at the summit

Bryan Rickert

what’s left
from the water bottle —
the thirst in the stray’s eyes

Madhuri Pillai

old flowers
dry in a vase…
rejection letter

Agnes Eva Savich

the fawn
the forest
the fire

Roberta Beach Jacobson

bloodwood moon
a starving dingo paces
the rain shadow

Ron C. Moss

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by Samara Doole.

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