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Daily Haiku: Aug. 21, 2020

Honoured to appear in Charlotte Digregorio’s blog🙏

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

cemetery garden
the endless sleep
of leaves
by Eufemia Griffo  (Italy)
Blithe Spirit, Vol. 28, No. 4, December 2018

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Charlotte Digregorio, June 2020

I’m grateful and honored to Charlotte Digregorio , to sharing one poem of mine, once again. Please, follow, her special blog.


alpine lake
an artist paints
his melancholy
by Eufemia Griffo (Italy)

Haiku Dialogue, Jan. 30, 2019

Stardust, Issue 42

First swallow, published in Stardust, Issue 42, June 2020, edited by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams. 



first swallows
this longing
to go back

prime rondini
questo desiderio
di tornare indietro

Eufemia Griffo

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FemkuMag #24

#FemkuMag An e-zine of Womxn’s Haiku May 2020 – issue #24 Guest Editor: Julie Bloss Kelsey – Editor-in-Chief: Lori A Minor. Here’s my contribution:

her weddding anniversary
my mother’s ring shines
in an old tin box

Eufemia Griffo

DailyHaiga, July 2020

spring thaw’ in DailyHaiga, an edited journal of contemporary and traditional haiga, edited by Linda Pilarsky. Delighted and grateful to be here.😍🙏


spring thaw
one bud
after another

haiku and ph. by Eufemia Griffo

Charlotte Digregorio, daily haiku

I’m grateful and honored to Charlotte Digregorio , to sharing one poem of mine, once again. Please, follow, her special blog.

prayer time
the distant chant
of birds

Eufemia Griffo
Failed Haiku, “Back from the Dead,” Issue 53, Vol. 5, 20207


failed haiku A Journal of English Senryu Volume 5, Issue 55, July 2020

failed haiku A Journal of English Senryu Volume 5, Issue 55 (Personal Best) includes one poem of mine, too.
Thank you to Michael Rehling for another lovely collection.


scent of primroses
learning what
we unknew


Eufemia Griffo


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Grateful to have three haiku of mine in Under the Basho, selected by Kala Ramesh in Modern haiku section. Thank you so much to all editors team, Kala Ramesh, Hansha Teki, Don Baird.

chorus of leaves
the ancient song
of the wind

window screen
a butterfly looking for
new flowers

deafening silence
I wonder if crickets
still sing

coro di foglie
l’antica canzone
del vento

una farfalla sta cercando
i nuovi fiori

silenzio assordante
mi chiedo se i grilli
cantano ancora
Eufemia Griffo

Blithe Spirit, Vol. 30 number 2

Grateful to have one haiku of mine in Blithe Spirit, Vol. 30 number 2, another stunning collection of poems, edited by Caroline Skanne.


early spring
the empty rooms fill
with birdsong


inizio primavera
le stanze vuote si riempiono
col canto degli uccelli

Eufemia Griffo

HAIKU DIALOGUE – the way of the housekeeper, edited by Craig Kittner,

HAIKU DIALOGUE – the way of the housekeeper. Honoured to receive a comment by Craig Kittner, guest editor for this week theme.


kids room
a layer of dust
on the old fairy tales


stanza dei bambini
uno strato di polvere
sulle vecchie fiabe


Eufemia Griffo

This is commen by the guest editor.
Here we have the sight of dust on books and another association of lost innocence. The tales we were told as children and the tales we pass on to our own, what do they hold? What relevance to our lives today? A question of burning importance right now, perhaps.

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Frogond, spring/summer 2020

I am incredibly honored to appear for the first time in Frogpond, along with many poets from all over the world. Thank you to Michael Ketchek to including my work.


castle ruins
among the old stones


rovine del castello
un non ti scordar di me
tra le vecchie pietre

Eufemia Griffo