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World haiku review: two third place and an Haiku of merit

World haiku review: two third place
Honoured and super happy, to have two third place, an haiku of merit, and another, in World Haiku Review, Autumn 2020 edited by Susumu Takiguchi.
already autum

deafening silence
the snow too falls
without a sound
(Third place, Shintai haiku category)

I would like to be a leaf
carried by the wind
(Third place, Neo classical haiku)

già autunno
vorrei essere una foglia
portata dal vento
(Terzo posto, haiku neoclassico)

end of lockdown
the twinkle of stars
in the night sky
(Haiku of merit, Vanguard haiku, category)

old gravestones
forgotten names
under the snow
(Neo classical haiku)

silenzio assordante
anche la neve cade
senza un suono
(Terzo classificato, categoria Shintai haiku)

fine del blocco
lo scintillio delle stelle
nel cielo notturno
(Haiku di merito, haiku d’avanguardia, categoria)

vecchie lapidi
nomi dimenticati
sotto la neve
(Haiku neo classico)

Eufemia Griffo

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Absolutely honoured to appear in Butterfly Dream edited by Chen-ou Liu, with one poem of mine translated into chinese and commented by editor.
This poem has already been published in Asahi Haikuist, August 31, 2018
English Original

ghost house
the shrill call
of a blue jay

Asahi Haikuist Network, August 31, 2018

Eufemia Griffo

Comment by editor:
L1 paints a dark, scary scene while the misdirection of L2 and the surprise of L3 make this multi-sensory ghost (house) haiku fresh and emotionally effective.

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Pubblicato 7 novembre 2020 da Eufemia Griffo in Butterfly Dream

Wales Haiku, November 2020


ph. by Wales haiku, issue november 2020

smell of autumn
a layer of a persimmon jam
in an open jar

profumo d’autunno
uno strato di marmellata di cachi
in un barattolo aperto

Eufemia Griffo

Wales Haiku, Autumn 2020

Blithe Spirit Vol. 30 Number 3


One haiku of mine appears in Blithe Spirit Vol. 30 Number 3, the Journal of the British Haiku Society, edited by Caroline Skanne.
Delighted and grateful to Caroline to be here.😍🙏

moonless night
how many fireflies
among the gingko leaves
Ph. and poem by Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 2 novembre 2020 da Eufemia Griffo in Blithe Spirit

Failed Haiku, October 2020




old quilt
the embroidered wings
of a butterfly

moon glow
I write I love you
in a folded paper

scattered leaves
what’s left
along the path

wave after wave
she whispers an old secret
to the sea

Eufemia Griffo

vecchia trapunta
le ali ricamate
di una farfalla

bagliore della luna
scrivo ti amo
in una carta ripiegata

foglie sparse
quello che è rimasto
lungo il cammino

onda dopo onda
lei sussurra al mare
un vecchio segreto

Eufemia Griffo

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Eufemia Griffo, Cattails October 2020

Memorie di una Geisha, multiblog internazionale di HAIKU di ispirazione giapponese



the pungent smell
of the autumn woods

noce moscata
l’odore pungente
dei boschi autunnali

Eufemia Griffo…/cattailsOCTOBER2020.pdf 

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Chrysanthemum 28, fall issue edited by Beate Conrad.


coriander basket
the fresh green aroma
of late summer

das frische, grüne Aroma
des Spätsommers

Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 2 novembre 2020 da Eufemia Griffo in Chrysanthemum