Daily Haiku Special: March 21, 2022 in Charlotte Digregorio’s blog

Four haiku of mine appear in Charlotte Digregorio’s blog. My deepest gratitude for this. Please, follow her lovely blog.

basil blossoms
a door closes
behind me
Seashores, November 2021
vigil prayers
a hummingbird disappears
in the sunlight
BHS Members’ Anthology, 2021
year of the Tiger
every day
I never lived
First Prize
Caribbean Kigo Kukai, February 2022
winter constellations
a tiny star shines more
than the others
Esuj-H, the Speaking Union of Japan, January 2022
by Eufemia Griffo (Italy)

Pubblicato 23 luglio 2022 da Eufemia Griffo in Charlotte Digregorio

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