Leading Lives with Purpose through Reading and Writing Haiku & Senryu

Thank you very much to Charlotte Digregorio for inviting me on her blog for this interesting project.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

I recently asked one question of haikuists and senryuists worldwide. I contacted the newsletter editors of the Haiku Society of America and Haiku Canada to post a notice about the question; I posted the notice on my blog that has haiku and senryu followers from sixty-one countries; and the notice appeared on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

It’s not really a simple question:

“How does reading and writing haiku or senryu motivate you to live a purposeful life?”

I’d asked the respondents to be brief, writing a maximum of three sentences, and that they be specific using examples, rather than write in generalities.

The question yielded 57 responses (of which I ran 52). Some respondents had difficulty focusing on the question, and ultimately didn’t wish to revise their statements. Responses came from 16 countries. As expected, while there were many commonalities in the themes of responses, all poets had their…

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