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Blithe Spirit Vol. 28 Number 4, December 2018


cemetery garden
the endless sleep
of leaves

giardino del cimitero
il sonno infinito
delle foglie

Eufemia Griffo 

Blithe Spirit Vol. 28 Number 4, December 2018



Blithe Spirit Volume 28 number 3

I haven’t received my copy yet but these are two poems of mine selected by Colin Blundell and featured in Blithe Spirit Volume 28 number 3. Congrats to all!!!


old watercolour
a crow come to life
from the black ink

temple garden
I’m praying
with a small lizard

vecchio acquerello
un corvo prende vita
dall’inchiostro nero

giardino del tempio
sto pregando
con una lucertolina

Eufemia Griffo 

Pubblicato 26 ottobre 2018 da Eufemia Griffo in Blithe Spirit, pubblicazioni internazionali

Blithe Spirit, Volume 28 Number 2


abandoned house
the deep silence
of forgotten things

first love letter
the flames in the fireplace
still burn


Eufemia Griffo

Blithe Spirit Vol. 28.1

Blithe Spirit Vol. 28.1 is here.
Thank you again to Shrikaanth K. Murthy for this brilliant work and congrats to all poets included in this issue.


Christmas past
tying our memories
with old ribbons

old calendar
I rewrite my life
from day one

Eufemia Griffo

Blithe Spirit – Journal of the British Haiku Society, December 2017, edited by Shrikaanth K. Murthy


Blithe Spirit, 27.4


kakemono …
I write my name
next to yours

scrivo il mio nome
accanto al tuo

Eufemia Griffo

Blithe Spirit 27.4 winter 2017



autumn twilight …
the bitter smile
of my father
Eufemia Griffo

( In this photo, the Italian actor, Marcello Mastroianni)

Blithe Spirit, 27.4, Winter 2017

The winter issue of Blithe Spirit, 27.4 is here!
Thank you so much to editor Shrikaanth K. Murthyfor this great work. I’m very honored to be part of British Haiku Society.
Congratulations everyone!


kakemono …
I write my name
next to yours

jar of porcelain
among the cracks
my old fingers

autumn twilight …
the bitter smile
of my father
Eufemia Griffo
Blithe Spirit 27.4 winter 2017