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Failed Haiku, January 2019   Leave a comment

Failed Haiku, Jan. 2019


Thank you so much to editor Michael Rehling for this great work and congratulations to all poets featured. 
These are my five poems:

year’s end
a migrant seeks a refuge
among his memories

winter is coming
the farewell march
of ants

into a bowl of sake
my face as a child

winter temple
between Buddha’s hands
a snowflake

dissolved mist
the thin shape
of my wishes

Eufemia Griffo 


Pubblicato 11 gennaio 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, pubblicazioni internazionali

Butterfly Dream edited by Chen-ou Liu

Absolutely honoured to appear for the second time in Butterfly Dream edited by Chen-ou Liu, with one poem of mine translated into chinese and commented by editor. 
This poem has already been published in Failed haiku August 2017 edited by Michael Rehling.



English Original

fallen leaves
gathering the pieces
of another life

Failed Haiku, 2:20, August 2017

Eufemia Griffo

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Eufemia Griffo is from Settimo Milanese (Milano) Italy. She is a writer and poet who has published books of poetry and fiction, including Dracula’s inheritance (The Legacy of Dracula), which she co-authored with Davide Benincasa, and The river is still flowing (a collection of tales). She has won many awards for her writing and has published haiku in the best international magazines. Her blog is Eufemia Griffo

The opening line sets the scene and seasonal context while the unexpected yet thematically and emotionally significant last line elevates the haiku to a philosophical/contemplative level, sparking the reader’s reflection on (the circle of)life and death.

Failed Haiku – December 2018

Seven poems of mine featured in December issue 36 of Failed Haiku edited by Michael Rehling. There are also five poems of mine in memory of Angelee Deodhar. Thank you so much Mike for these three years full of poetry.

A Tribute to Angelee Deodhar

falling blossoms
your last poem
carried by the wind

winter solitude
looking for tiny stars
in the dark night

last journey
the stars protect
all your steps

last lines
the words are still looking for
their poet

winter solstice
the useless wait
of your retourn
empty garden
the call of a great tit
after love

cold spring
the spider still weaves
new frozen paths

Un tributo per Angelee Deodhar

fiori che cadono
il tuo ultimo poema
portato dal vento

solitudine invernale
alla ricerca di piccole stelle
nella notte oscura

ultimo viaggio
le stelle proteggono
tutti i tuoi passi

ultime righe
le parole stanno ancora cercando
il loro poeta

solstizio d’inverno
l’attesa inutile
del tuo ritorno
giardino vuoto
il richiamo di una cinciallegra
dopo l’amore

primavera fredda
il ragno continua a tessere
nuovi percorsi congelati

Eufemia Griffo

Failed Haiku, August 2018

the empty pockets
of a refugee

riva ventosa
la voce dell’oceano
diventa un mantra

tela bianca
immergendo l’inchiostro nero
nei miei sogni

lavanderia a gettoni
le tasche vuote
di un rifugiato


Eufemia Griffo, Failed Haiku Aug. 2018

Failed Haiku, April 2018


old bazaar
she picks
a book of love poems


Eufemia Griffo 

Failed haiku edited by Mike Rheling, Apr. 2018



old bazaar
she picks
a book of love poems

Pizza margherita
in the kitchen her scent
of lavender

Shinto temple
a kami knows *
my wishes
Eufemia Griffo

* Kami: (Japanese: 神, [kaꜜmi]) are the spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto.


Failed Haiku – Dec. 1, 2017



small paper crane

on a family grave

Eufemia Griffo

Failed Haiku, December 2017


water for tea
the silent dance
of jasmine flower

Eufemia Griffo

Failed Haiku, December 1

Very delighted to appear in the December issue of Failed Haiku alongside to many haiku Friends.
Thanks so much to editor Michael Rehling for his great work and congratulations to all.fail2

Failed Haiku – November, 1



all my life

hanging by a thread

Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 10 novembre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, senryu

Failed haiku, November 2017

Very pleased to appear with two poems of mine, in the November issue of Failed Haiku edited by Michael Rehling. Thank you so much Mike, for your great work❤️.
Here’s my haiga.
( ph. by Eufemia Griffo)


Pubblicato 9 novembre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, Haiga, Senza categoria

Failed Haiku – October, 1


a beetle strolls
on strange words


Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 22 ottobre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, senryu

Eufemia Griffo – Failed Haiku, October 1


fallen leaves …
the time I chose
another path


Eufemia Griffo – Failed haiku, October 1

Failed Haiku, October 1

Very glad to appears once again in Failed Haiku, A Journal of English Senryu Volume 2, Issue 22.
A big thank to Michael Rehling for the great work.
These are my four poems (photo from pinterest)



Failed October

Un mio haiku apparso su Failed haiku di Settembre, tradotto in spagnolo da Julia Guzmán


summer wind…
my hat and a butterfly
fly togheter

viento de verano…
mi sombrero y una mariposa
vuelan juntos


Eufemia Griffo, Failed haiku September, 1 

Pubblicato 6 settembre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, haiku, Spanish

Un mio senryu apparso su Failed haiku, tradotto in spagnolo da Julia Guzmán



separation …
sewing and unsewing
an old button

coso y descoso
un viejo botón


Eufemia Griffo (Failed haiku, September 1 – Translated in spanish from Julia Guzmán)

Pubblicato 5 settembre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, senryu, Spanish

Failed haiku, September 1

Two poems of mine featured in Failed Haiku September issue. 21, edited by Mike Rheling.
Thanks a lot for your choise Mike and congratulations everyone haiku friends selected in the new amazing magazine.…/issue-21-is-now-up-for-your-read…/



Picture from Pinterest

Failed Haiku – July 1, 2017


Crysanthemum seeds…

in the child’s hands

his future

Eufemia Griffo

Fallen leaves – My haiku in Failed haiku, Aug. 1, 2017

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fallen leaves
gathering the pieces
of another life

 foglie cadute
raccogliendo i pezzi
di un’altra vita
Failed Haiku, Aug. 1, 2017

My four poems in Failed Haiku Issue 20, the amazing Journal edited by Mike Rheling.

Lovely day!
I’ve four poems in Failed Haiku Issue 20, the amazing Journal edited by Mike Rheling.
Thank you so much dear Mike for the stunning work and congratulations to all poets selected.



Pubblicato 1 agosto 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, haiku, senryu