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Fallen leaves – My haiku in Failed haiku, Aug. 1, 2017   Leave a comment

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fallen leaves
gathering the pieces
of another life

 foglie cadute
raccogliendo i pezzi
di un’altra vita
Failed Haiku, Aug. 1, 2017

My four poems in Failed Haiku Issue 20, the amazing Journal edited by Mike Rheling.   Leave a comment

Lovely day!
I’ve four poems in Failed Haiku Issue 20, the amazing Journal edited by Mike Rheling.
Thank you so much dear Mike for the stunning work and congratulations to all poets selected.



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Empty rucksack appears in Failed haiku, July 1   Leave a comment


empty rucksack…
there’s still time
to retake the path

zaino vuoto …
c’è ancora tempo
per riprendere il cammino


Eufemia Griffo  ©

(Failed haiku – July, 1)

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Failed Haiku 19 – July 1, 2017 IS UP!   Leave a comment

And finally… tree poems of mine featured in Failed Haiku edited by Mike Rehling. Lovely day, I’m very glad and proud of my writing.
In general, I think poetry and writing are our voice and describe the feelings, the nature and things that move around us. They are also sacrifice and study. 
Congratulations to all poets featured in this new number.


Failed haiku – Juin 1, 2017   Leave a comment



la lucertola perde
il suo posto al sole


Eufemia Griffo – Failed Haiku ( Juin 1, 2017)

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My poem in Failed haiku, 1 Juin   Leave a comment


like a chant…
the waves go and come
on the cliff


Eufemia Griffo

Failed haiku, Juin 1, 2017

Two poems of mine on Failed Haiku, american issue, June 1, 2017   Leave a comment

Delighted to be in #Failedhaiku,a Journal of English Senryu
Volume 2, Issue 18, a wonderful collection, with two poems of mine.
Thank so much Mike Rehling, for including my work in your amazing journal, alongside many brilliant poets friends.…/31/issue-18-is-now-up-for-viewing/

 These are my contributions.


failed haiku giugno

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“A long way to go”, Failed haiku May 1th   Leave a comment


un lungo cammino …
la mia ombra
lasciata indietro
Eufemia Griffo

Three poems of mine in Issue 17 of Failed Issue, May 1th   Leave a comment

Lovely day! Honored to be featured in issue 17 of Failed haiku the american issue, edited by Michael Rehling, with three poems of mine.


Senryū 川柳 Eufemia pubblicato in Failed haiku Aprile 2017   Leave a comment

una ferita
sul mio cuore
una farfalla


Haiku pubblicato su Failed Haiku Issue 16   Leave a comment


giorno di vento

siamo tutti leggeri

come le nuvole

Eufemia Griffo

(Failed Haiku, Issue Avril)