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Debbie Strange HaigaProject with one poem of mine

Ph. by Debbie Strange
Poem by Eufemia Griffo
Thank you very much to Debbie Strange for this great honor.

A lovely haiga with an awesome picture by Debbie and one poem of mine (previously published on Seashore 2018).


another year older
the sun slides
into its shadow

(Poem by Eufemia Griffo, Pic. by Debbie Strange)

Tre haiga dedicati a Lady Oscar, sulle fotografie della cosplayer italiana Rosi Dotti.

Nelle immagini, la cosplayer italiana Rosi Dotti, che ringrazio infinitamente per questi meravigliosi scatti su cui ho composto mesi fa, degli haiku dedicati a Oscar François de Jarjayes, conosciuta come Lady Oscar.

giorni d'estate

Fotografia di Matteo Tedeschi

candele accese1

Fotografia di Gianluca Bia 


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Scryptic Magazine of Dark and Alternative Art Issue 1.4

Really delighted to have four haiga of mine in Scryptic Magazine of Dark and Alternative Art Issue 1.4 edited by Lori A Minor and Chase Gagnon.
Thank you so much for this great work andcongratulations to all poets published in this wonderful Issue. 



Scryptic magazine, December 21

Very happy to have one haiga of mine in the last issue of Scryptic Magazine, edited by Chase Gagnon and Lori In Lori A Minor, together with many friends.
My poem was inspired by Claudia Roffenii’s photo, a good friend of mine.
Thank you very much to the editors and to Claudia.

thumbnail_Eufemia Griffo Haiga for Scrptic

mondo dimenticato
la solitudine
di un antico angelo
Eufemia Griffo

Failed haiku, November 2017

Very pleased to appear with two poems of mine, in the November issue of Failed Haiku edited by Michael Rehling. Thank you so much Mike, for your great work❤️.
Here’s my haiga.
( ph. by Eufemia Griffo)


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One haiga of mine with Maurizio Puglisi’s picture, featured in Haigaonline, edited by Linda Papanicolaou.

Another great surprise. My first time in Haigaonline ( (section Haiga Challenge: Water ) edited by Linda Papanicolaou.
Thank you so much to painter and illustrator, Maurizio Puglisi for the wonderful picture!

Our Autumn 2017 issue, “Borrowed Water”, is now online. Our featured portfolios are Don Baird, Barbara Kaufmann, Sandi Prey, Anthony Q. Rabangand Michael Rehling plus guest musician Aaron Shragge and all the authors and artists who contributed to the Water Challenge. Join us!






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Dailyhaiga – Un mio haiku sull’immagine di Maurizio Puglisi

My first time on DailyHaiga!
Thank you so much to painter and illustrator, Maurizio Puglisi * for the beautiful picture!

Eufemia Griffo moon stars brighter.jpg

the stars and the moon


Eufemia Griffo ©


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