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Caroline Skanne’s Hedgerow #130 Haiku Journal (winter edition)

One haiku of mine has been published in Caroline Skanne’s Hedgerow #130 Haiku Journal (winter edition). Grateful thanks to Caroline Skanne for including my poem in this stunning collection.


snow moon
an old love story
Eufemia Griffo

hedgerow#129 edited by Caroline Skanne

One of the most beautiful haiku journals edited by Caroline Skanne, is here. Delighted to be part once again. This poem has been reprinted in Charlotte Digregorio’ blog in January 11th 2020.


fall twilight
the shadow of a butterfly
behind me

crepuscolo d’autunno
l’ombra di una farfalla
dietro di me
Eufemia Griffo
hedgerow #129 December 2019

hedgerow #128 is out!


leaves in the wind

what’s left

of our fears


Eufemia Griffo 

Pubblicato 26 settembre 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Hedgerow, pubblicazioni internazionali

Hedgerow #127 Haiku Journal (spring edition) edited by Caroline Skanne

One haiku of mine has been published in Caroline Skanne’s Hedgerow #127 Haiku Journal (spring edition). Grateful thanks to Caroline Skanne for including my poem in this stunning collection.

strong wind 
an eagle flies higher
than the clouds
Eufemia Griffo

(hedgerow #127)


Pubblicato 10 luglio 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Hedgerow, Senza categoria

hedgerow #126, March 2019

I am always happy to appear in this beautiful journal edited by Caroline Skanne. hedgerow #126 is here. Thank you Caroline for this stunning work.


new buds
I learn to forgive
Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 23 aprile 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Hedgerow, Senza categoria

Hedgerow #124

My copy of Hedgerow is here. Another great work edited by Caroline Skanne.
Here’s my poem already published in Haiku Windows. Congrats to all
Poets featured in this issue.


Milan Cathedral
a sunbeam plays
whit the infinite 

Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 25 ottobre 2018 da Eufemia Griffo in Hedgerow, pubblicazioni cartacee, Senza categoria

Hedgerow #123 edited by Caroline Skanne, is here!

Hedgerow #123 is here! Always a great pleasure to read this beautiful journal edited by Caroline Skanne. Delighted to have one of my poems included.




’wild voices, vol 2: an anthology of short poetry & art by women′ edited by Caroline Skanne

Delighted to be part with one haiku of mine of this new Hedgerow publication, edited by Caroline Skanne



Hedgerow #122, winter print issue

My copy of Hedgerow #122 edited by Caroline Skanne has arrived. The winter print issue is a great work, I love so much the cover. Thank you Caroline for including me in this wonderful issue.
This is my poem:


frozen leaves 
a deep silence


Eufemia Griffo 

#118 Hedgerow is UP! One haiku of mine in Hedgerow, July 1



I’d listen to the wind
for hours


Eufemia Griffo


Maurizio Puglisi’s picture. Visit  his website:  his artworks are wonderful!


It’ always a great honor read my little poem in Hedgerow: a journal of small poems the fabolous magazines, edited by Caroline Skanne
Wonderful to be among excellent haikuists from all over the world.
This week features work by Chad Lee Robinson, Marianne Paul, Kala Ramesh, Michael Dylan Welch, stephen toft, Tiffany Shaw-Diaz, Mike Rehling, Goran Gatalica, Eufemia Griffo, Chen-ou Liu, Lucia Fontana, Julie Warther, Brad Bennett, Mary Hanrahan, Jessica Malone Latham, Jan Benson, Martha Magenta, Andy McLellan, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Simon Hanson, Maeve O’Sullivan, Salil Chaturvedi, John Martone, Joy McCall, Ron C. Moss.
Thank you dear Caroline for included me in the new number.

Hedgerow # 110 is got arrived in Milan

Hedgerow # 110 is got arrived in Milan. This magazine celebrates the spring with a mix of poems of poets from all over the world. Sincere thanks dear Caroline for including my poem in the wonderful magazine alongside friends.

hedgerow is.jpg

winter commute
scent of roses from
a street vendor


Eufemia Griffo 

Pubblicato 25 maggio 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in haiku, Hedgerow, Senza categoria

Origami, un mio haiku pubblicato nel numero 111 di Hedgerow, la rivista britannica edita da Caroline Skanne – my haiku featured in Hedgerow 111


(immagine by Pinterest)


una gru perde
la sua strada


Eufemia Griffo

(hedgerow, n. 111)

La mia prima volta sulla rivista britannica in carta stampata ‘hedgerow # 110’ (THE SPRING PRINT ISSUE) edita da Caroline Skanne


Lovely surprise!
New release – ‘hedgerow # 110’ (THE SPRING PRINT ISSUE)!
Delighted to be part in the spring issue of Hedgerow, #110 , the fabulous international magazine edited by Caroline Skanne.
The cover image is wonderful and I look forward to receiving my copy in Milan. Thanks for your great work Caroline and congratulations to all the poets friends included in the magazine.…/new-release-…/

Patricia DavisDavid J Kelly, Grace Galton, Julie Warther, Stephen Toft, Ron C. Moss, Agnes Eva Savich, Elmedin Kadric, Deborah P Kolodji, Michael Dylan Welch, Johnny Baranski and Clayton Beach, Ian Willey, Dave Read, Gabriel Bates, Pamela A. Babusci, Christina Sng, Simon Hanson, David Oates, Ola Lindberg, Gail Oare, Anne Elise Burgevin, Neal Whitman, Mary White, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Anna Cates, Robyn Cairns, Dietmar Tauchner, Jill Lange, Mike Michael Rehlingg, Paul Chambers, Chen-ou Liu, S. M. Kozubek, Pris Campbell, Marilyn Humbert, Nika, Ken Olson, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Maureen Kingston, John Hawkhead, Eufemia Griffo, Patricia Prime, Amy Losak, Mark Miller, Andy McLellan, Michael H. Lester, John Hawk, Debbie Strange, Rick Tarquinio, Tina Crenshaw, Marta Marta Majorka Chociłowska, David Serjeant, Kath Abela Wilson, Lucia Fontanaa, Pat Davis, Rachel Sutcliffe, Carole Johnston, Barnabas I. Adeleke, Zee Zahava, Tim Gardiner, Maeve O’Sullivan, Barry George, Steve Smolakk, Jeffrey Hanson, Alan Summers, Christine L. Villa, Louise Hopewell, Debbi Antebii, Anna Maris, Joy McCall, Larry Kimmel, Terri L. French, Jay Friedenberg, Marietta McGregorr, Mary Jo Balistreri, ai li, Marilyn Fleming, Joshua Gage, Vera Constantineau, Jennifer Hambrick, Paul Smith.