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First prize of Caribbean Kigo Kukai

Thrilled to have won the First prize of Caribbean Kigo Kukai. My heartfelt thanks to the organizer, Gillena Cox.

Congratulations to everyone!

year of the Tiger

every day

I never lived

–Eufemia Griffo, Italy

VOTE: 112** SCORE:09

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Eufemia Griffo: European Kukai, Summer edition 2021

Memorie di una Geisha, multiblog internazionale di HAIKU di ispirazione giapponese

shells necklace
the sound of wind
at every step

collana di conchiglie
il suono del vento
a ogni passo

Eufemia Griffo

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Caribbeankukai, third place


A lovely surprise! In the Caribbean kukai, february edition, my poem in third place. Theme, year of the ox. Many thanks to organizer Gillena Cox.
Congratulations everyone!!!

a new dream
inside me
year of the ox

anno del blue
un nuovo sogno
dentro di me

Eufemia Griffo Italy

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European Kukai, December 2019

The results of the European Kukai are available. My poem has received 15 points and i’m really delighted for this. Congratulations to all poets and to the winners.
Topic: family.


sign language
the silent love words
of a mother

Eufemia Griffo, 15 points

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Carribbean kukai, the results.


VOTES:411*** SCORE:09

COMMENTS: 1. I won’t be surprised if this wins. Love the strong metaphor! 
2. A powerful image

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Caribbean Kigo Kukai – The results


melancholy …
the silence of snow
into my silence

Eufemia Griffo, Italy 

VOTES:32**** SCORE:07

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EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #20, Winter edition 2018

EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #20 – Winter 2017 Edition. 
Happy to have 12 points in this international competition.
Here’s my poem:


our time
so ephemeral

119 Eufemia Griffo, Settimo Milanese, Italy

(2-2-2) = 12 pts

Thank you so much to the EQKTeam: Krzysztof Kokot & Robert Kania

Flamenco notes


flamenco notes
a firefly dances
on the music of a guitar


Eufemia Griffo

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