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Mainichi: Haiku in English, Best of 2018

Happy to see my haiku “butterfly wings” dedicated to Anna Frank in The Mainichi Haiku in English annual selection 2018. Many thanks to the editor Dhugal J. Lindsay.



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Mainichi: March 19, 2018

Dedicated to Anna Frank. Tonight, my poem published in Mainichi. Thank you Mr. Dhugal J. Lindsay.

butterfly wings
in Anna’s eyes
the last day of spring

Eufemia Griffo (Milano, Italy)
Selected by Dhugal J. Lindsay



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The best of Mainichi, 2017

These are my two poems selected by Mr. Dhugal Lindsay.😍
Enjoying the reading…



Mainichi Aug. 22 (translated in spanish by Julia Guzmán )


gecko in the shade…
a long summer

gecko en la sombra
un largo verano
otra vez

gecko all’ombra …
una lunga estate


Eufemia Griffo

Mainichi, August 22

(translated in spanish by Julia Guzmán )

Tramonto al lago di Montepulciano
Sunset at Lake Montepulciano

Mainichi: my second time, August 22

My second time in Mainichi after one week from my first publication😮 ( Aug. 22, 2017)
Here’s my haiku selected by Mr. Dhugal J. Lindsay


gecko in the shade…
a long summer

Eufemia Griffo (Milano, Italy)

My first time in Mainichi: August 22, 2017


Very honored to appears in #Mainichi, the historical japanese column, dedicated to haiku.
Here’s my poem selected by Dhugal
J. Lindsay:



falling stars …
the silent prayer
of a mother


Eufemia Griffo

( dedicated to my son)


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