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“a splash from the pond” edited by Michael Smeer

Thank you very much to Michael Smeer and My Haiku Pond for featuring six poems of mine in the e-book

4: a sound in the night
Rhapsody . . .
a chorus of crickets
fills the silence

5: garden insect
fireflies the thousands lights from stars (one line haiku)

8: mother
end of summer: my mother too

16: forest
old forest
a cricket jumps into
oleander scent

21: starlight
Toro Nagashi . . .
the glint of stars
in your eyes

27: a sound
the sound of the wind . . .
frozen leaves

Eufemia Griffo, Italy

Pubblicato 30 dicembre 2021 da Eufemia Griffo in My haiku pond

My haiku Pond

Thank you so much to Michael Smeer to sharing my poem in My haiku Pond🙏



Pubblicato 10 gennaio 2020 da Eufemia Griffo in My haiku pond, Senza categoria

My Haiku Pond, June 6th, Quickie Writing Challenge : I receive the honorable mention for one haiku of mine.

MHP Academy – June 6th, Quickie Writing Challenge – CONTEST RESULTS! My haiku receive the honorable mention. Thank you so much to Brendon Kent and Michael Smeer, the judges of this competition. Here’s my poem:



empty shells
forgotten names 
on the shore


Snowmelt featured in My Haiku Pond edited by Michael Smeer

I’m really honoured to appear once again in My Haiku Pond, with one poem of mine already published in #123 hedgerow.


Pubblicato 29 Maggio 2018 da Eufemia Griffo in My haiku pond, pubblicazioni internazionali

My haiku Pond

I’m really honored to appear once again in My Haiku Pond.
Thank you so much to editors Michael Smeer andJim Krotzman


Looking at the moon – Haiku – Pubblicato su Haikuniverse su Charlotte Digregorio’s blog e su My Haiku Pond


guardando la luna
la giovane madre
diventa di nuovo bambina