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hedgerow #128 is out!


leaves in the wind

what’s left

of our fears


Eufemia Griffo 


Pubblicato 26 settembre 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Hedgerow, pubblicazioni internazionali

Wales haiku spring edition edited by Paul Chambers


billowing clouds
the thousand shapes
of the wind

spring’s first dawn
the call of wild geese
along the river

Eufemia Griffo

Otata, August 2019

Grateful to have one haiku of mine featured in Otata, issue August 2019 edited by John Martone. Here is my poem:

hydrangea flower
an enchanted garden
in my hands

fiori d’ortensia
un giardino incantato
nelle mie mani
Eufemia Griffo

Please check the link below to read the new issue:

Pubblicato 2 agosto 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Otata, pubblicazioni internazionali

Otata edited by John Martone, June 2019


Seven poems of mine featured in Otata, June 2019. A great journal edited by John Martone.


grandma’s house
her tiny handprints
on the old spinning wheel

casa della nonna
le impronte delle sue piccole mani

old loom
grandma embroiders
a little forget-me-nots

vecchio telaio
la nonna ricama
un piccolo non ti scordar di me

late spring
the elderberry woods
blanketed by snow

tarda primavera
i boschi di sambuco
ricoperti dalla neve

a kingfisher is flying
with the wind

un martin pescatore
sta volando con il vento

flower moon
a monarch butterfly chases
its shadow

luna di fiori
una farfalla monarca insegue
la sua ombra

swans on the lake
the silvery glow
of last snow

cigni sul lago
il bagliore argenteo
dell’ultima neve

spring moon
the tiny buds still grow
on the cold graves

luna di primavera
le piccole gemme crescono
ancora sulle fredde tombe
Eufemia Griffo


The Haiku Foundation’s “EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2019” (the theme is “Year of Indigenous Languages”).

Happy to have three poems of mine included in “EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2019” (the theme is “Year of Indigenous Languages”). Many thanks to The Haiku Foundation.
Navajo song
reaching to the sky
an old prayer

cave paintings
the twinkling stars
covered in dust

Etruscan runes
the forgotten words
of ancestors

Eufemia Griffo…/earthrise2019.pdf

Otata, Jan. 2019


fugitive memories
another turn 
of an old ribbon

ricordi fugaci
un altro giro
di un vecchio nastro
Eufemia Griffo

Failed Haiku, Feb. 2019


melting ice

the last sidereal touch 

of winter

Eufemia Griffo 

Failed Haiku, Feb. 2019


charcoal drawing
the first flight
of a black swan
Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 7 febbraio 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, pubblicazioni internazionali

Haikuniverse edited by Rick Lupert – Jan. 31, 2019

Another lovely surprise. 
After Haiku dialogue and Otata, one poem of mine published in Haikuniverseedited by Rick Lupert. Thank you again Rick, for your selection.


haiku by Eufemia Griffo

Chinese Zodiac
the audacity
of a small pig

Haiku dialogue – Jan. 23, 2019

Haiku dialogue, edited by Kathy Munro, together with many poet friends. Here’s my poem:


all that’s left…
the silence of forest
before dawn

Stardust Poetry With A Little Sparkle dited by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

Stardust Poetry With A Little Sparkle – An Online Journal Presented by Valentina Ranaldi-Adams, January issue. Here’s my poem:


spring equinox
still the muffled echo
of snow
Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 1 febbraio 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in haiku, pubblicazioni internazionali, Stardust

Charlotte Digregorio’ s blog- Jan. 31, 2019

One poem of mine published in Charlotte Digregorio‘ s blog. My deepest gratitude for her choise.


a drop of black ink
lost in mist

by Eufemia Griffo (Italy)
Asahi Haikuist Network, June 1, 2018

Haiku dialogue edited by kj munro, Jan.30, 2019


alpine lake

an artist paints

his melancholy


Eufemia Griffo

Otata, February 2019


piccoli fiocchi di neve
le parole giuste
per dire addio

tiny snowflakes
the right words
to say farewell

cielo invernale
una stella solitaria attraversa
la via Lattea

winter sky
a lonely star crosses
Milky Way

mille lucciole
le fate dei boschi giocano
a nascondino

a thousand fireflies
the woods fairies play
hide and seek


Giorno della Memoria
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
(January 27, 2019)

diario di guerra
quando nessuno di noi
guardava le stelle

war diary
when none of us
looked the stars

cenere nera
tutte quelle stelle nascoste

black ash
all those hidden stars
in the darkness

pagine vuote
le ultime parole di Anna
portate via dal vento

empty pages
Anne’s last words
carried off by the wind

filo spinato
in primavera le rose
raggiungono ancora il cielo

barbed wire
in spring the roses
reach the sky again

petali caduti
il modo in cui lasciamo andare
la nostra vita

fallen petals
the way we left
our life

Eufemia Griffo

Eufemia Griffo – Failed Haiku Feb. 2019: three poems to Rachel Sutcliffe

To Rachel


small poems
the way our lives

twinkle of stars
your new path 

this empty day
without your words

piccole poesie
il modo in cui le nostre vite
si sono intrecciate

scintillio di stelle
il tuo nuovo sentiero
più luminoso

questo giorno vuoto
senza le tue parole

Eufemia Griffo

ephemerae, edited by Shrikaanth K. Murthy, August 2018


her kind look
so far way

(to my mother)

Eufemia Griffo

Otata, Jan. 2019


Haiku dialogue, edited by Kathy Munro

Delighted to be a part of Haiku dialogue, edited by Kathy Munro, together with many poet friends. Here’s my poem:


fresh snow
on the old path
I find myself

Otata, January 2019

Otata, January 1, 2019: ten poems of mine featured in this beautiful journal edited by John Martone. My deep gratitude to the editor and congrats to all!!!


fine dell’anno
i vecchi ricordi coperti
di neve

year’s end
old memories covered
in snow

solitudine invernale
un cigno guarda
il primo fiocco di neve

winter solitude
a swan watches
first snowflake

Natale passato
il tempo si è fermato
in un globo di neve

Christmas past
time stopped
in a snow globe

oche migratrici
anche gli alberi
stanno cambiando i colori

migrating geese
the trees too
are changing colours

campana tibetana
il suono della neve
prima di cadere

singing bowl
the sound of snow
before falling

fiori di gelso
un manto di neve
culla il loro sonno

mulberry flowers
sleep cradled in 
a blanket of snow

cielo invernale
anche le stelle diventano
più bianche

winter sky
even the stars turn

ricordi fugaci
un altro giro
di un vecchio nastro

fugitive memories
another turn 
of an old ribbon

antiche zampogne
un vecchio attende ancora
il ritorno dei Re Magi

ancient bagpipes
the old man still awaits 
three Wise Men

Via della Seta
senza le stelle
vaghiamo invano

Silk Road
without the stars
we wander in vain
Eufemia Griffo

Failed Haiku, January 2019

Failed Haiku, Jan. 2019


Thank you so much to editor Michael Rehling for this great work and congratulations to all poets featured. 
These are my five poems:

year’s end
a migrant seeks a refuge
among his memories

winter is coming
the farewell march
of ants

into a bowl of sake
my face as a child

winter temple
between Buddha’s hands
a snowflake

dissolved mist
the thin shape
of my wishes

Eufemia Griffo 

Pubblicato 11 gennaio 2019 da Eufemia Griffo in Failed haiku, pubblicazioni internazionali