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A Sense of Place, edited by kj munro: THE SHORE – touch


Trebbia river
the willows touch
blue waters

(The Trebbia is a river predominantly

of Liguria and Emilia Romagna in northern Italy.)

Eufemia Griffo



Failed Haiku, August 2018

the empty pockets
of a refugee

riva ventosa
la voce dell’oceano
diventa un mantra

tela bianca
immergendo l’inchiostro nero
nei miei sogni

lavanderia a gettoni
le tasche vuote
di un rifugiato


Eufemia Griffo, Failed Haiku Aug. 2018

A Sense of place the new column edited by kj munro is up! This week’s theme: THE SHORE – taste.


winter sea
the taste of snow
on my lips

Eufemia Griffo 

A Sense of Place the new column edited by kj Munro is UP! This week’s theme: THE SHORE –


Cefalù island *
among the beach umbrellas
scent of coconut

Eufemia Griffo

* Cefalù is a city and comune in the Province of Palermo, located on the northern coast of Sicily.

Otata 32, August 2018



foglie di edera
il doloroso intreccio
dei miei ricordi

spiaggia d’inverno
la conversazione silenziosa
di un vecchio pescatore

solstizio d’estate
il grano maturo brilla
al chiaro di luna

tornando a casa
il tempo si ferma
solo per un momento

Eufemia Griffo


My first time in Presence, Issue 61 July 18, edited by Ian Storr





dry ink
the last journey
of a word of love

Eufemia Griffo, Presence July 2018

Modern Haiku 49.2, edited by Paul Miller

My second time in Modern Haiku, Issue 49.2
Thank you so much to editor Paul Miller andcongratulations to all poets included in this stunning collection.


your absence
in my hands
Eufemia Griffo

A Sense of Place the new column edited by kj Munro is UP

A Sense of Place the new column edited by kj Munro is UP! This week’s theme: THE SHORE – sight. 


image from Pinterest

setting sun
Tiber river
changing its colours

Otata, July 1


bassa marea
uno sciame di Perseidi
sopra le onde


ebb tide
a swarms of Perseids
above the waves


Eufemia Griffo

Otata, July 1


spring fog
the muffled cry
of a seagull

nebbia primaverile
il grido ovattato
di un gabbiano

Eufemia Griffo 

Otata 31, July 1 – The journal of poems edited by John Martone

Delighted to have four haiku of mine in Otata, July Issue edited by John Martone. Thank you very much dear John and congrats to all Poets included in this stunning journal.

otata july

bambini rifugiati
lo stesso mare
di ieri

bassa marea
uno sciame di Perseidi
sopra le onde

antico tempio
la nebbia eterna protegge 
le ceneri degli antenati

nebbia primaverile
il grido ovattato
di un gabbiano

(Italian version)

Poems by Eufemia Griffo, ©


Frameless Sky, edited by Chrissi Villa – June 2018



Delighted to appear for the first time in Frameless Sky Issue 8, edited by Chrissie Villa.

abandoned castle
the ivy leaves wrap
even the moon


Eufemia Griffo 

Daily haiga, June 2018

One haiga of mine in Daily haiga, edited by Linda and Patrick Pilarski
My poem was inspired by Claudia Roffeni‘s photo.


deep fog
the cold breath
of winter
Eufemia Griffo



Asahi Haikuist Network, edited by David McMurray, June 29

Really delighted to have one haiku od mine in today’s edition of Asahi Haikuist Network, edited by David McMurray.


summer solstice
draws the outline
of my shadow

* * *

Eufemia Griffo

Eufemia Griffo formed a silhouette in Settimo Milanese, Italy (David McMurray’s comment)


Haiku windows edited by Kj Munro. This week them’s: open window.

The final installment of Haiku Windows. This week them’s “open window”.
Here’s my last poem for this amazing column edited by kj Munro. Dear Kathy thank you so much for your great weekly work.


open window
a little snail walks
on my hand

Eufemia Griffo

Haiku Window archives.


Blithe Spirit, Volume 28 Number 2


abandoned house
the deep silence
of forgotten things

first love letter
the flames in the fireplace
still burn


Eufemia Griffo

Under the Basho


moon eclipse
so brief
the life of a moth

eclissi di luna
così breve
la vita di una falena


Eufemia Griffo,-eufemia.html

My Haiku Pond, June 6th, Quickie Writing Challenge : I receive the honorable mention for one haiku of mine.

MHP Academy – June 6th, Quickie Writing Challenge – CONTEST RESULTS! My haiku receive the honorable mention. Thank you so much to Brendon Kent and Michael Smeer, the judges of this competition. Here’s my poem:



empty shells
forgotten names 
on the shore


Haiku windows edited by Kj Munro. This week them’s: window-shop.

One haiku of mine is featured in Haiku windows edited by Kj Munro. Thank you so much for this excellent selection. This week them’s:  window-shop.




toy store window
the secret dreams
of a child

Eufemia Griffo

Otata, June 8th