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Grateful to have three haiku of mine in Under the Basho, selected by Kala Ramesh in Modern haiku section. Thank you so much to all editors team, Kala Ramesh, Hansha Teki, Don Baird.

chorus of leaves
the ancient song
of the wind

window screen
a butterfly looking for
new flowers

deafening silence
I wonder if crickets
still sing

coro di foglie
l’antica canzone
del vento

una farfalla sta cercando
i nuovi fiori

silenzio assordante
mi chiedo se i grilli
cantano ancora
Eufemia Griffo

Eufemia Griffo, Under the Basho – November 20, 2019


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snow moon
every morning
without your smile

luna di neve
ogni giorno
senza il tuo sorriso

Eufemia Griffo 


Under the Basho – November 20, 2019



Under the Basho


moon eclipse
so brief
the life of a moth

eclissi di luna
così breve
la vita di una falena


Eufemia Griffo,-eufemia.html

Under the Basho – My four poems

My four poems featured in Under the Basho, section Modern Haiku. My sincere thanks to editors Kala Ramesh and Hansha Teki.


moon eclipse
so brief
the life of a moth

spring equinox
the smell of snow

knotted branches
the forgotten nest
of a heron

cold wind
the loneliness
of fallen leaves

Eufemia Griffo,-eufemia.html



Under the Basho 2017 issue

Delighted to be part (section Modern haiku) along with so many haiku friends. Congrats to everyone.


Pubblicato 13 novembre 2017 da Eufemia Griffo in Under the Basho

My haiku in Under the Basho, international issue edited by Kala Ramesh, Hansha Teki and Don Baird



 old house…
the ivy’s tangled leaves
whisper its secrets

vecchia casa…
le foglie d’edera aggrovigliate
sussurrano i suoi segreti


Eufemia Griffo

Under the Basho, July 16th4


(Issue edited from editors: Kala Ramesh Hansha Teki and Don Baird.