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Wales haiku journal, Spring edition, edited by Paul Chambers

In my town I listened the sound of ambulances for many nights and so I wrote this poem featured in the latest issue of Wales haiku journal, Spring edition, edited by Paul Chambers.


sleepless night
the muffled sound
of a distant ambulance

Wales haiku edited by Paul Chambers – Winter edition, Jan. 2020



white chrysanthemums
the faded color
of her absence

Eufemia Griffo

Wales haiku spring edition edited by Paul Chambers


billowing clouds
the thousand shapes
of the wind

spring’s first dawn
the call of wild geese
along the river

Eufemia Griffo

Wales Haiku Journal edited by Paul Chambers: three poems of mine

Three poems of mine featured in Wales Haiku Journal edited by Paul Chambers.
Thank you so much Paul and congrats to all poets included in this amazing journal.


the thousand forms
of a mandala

pale sun
a last farewell
in her hospital room

birch tree
the evening sunlight
from leaf to leaf 
Eufemia Griffo