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World Haiku review, Winter edition, January 2022.

Honoured and super happy, to have a third place (vanguard haiku section), an honorable mention (shintai haiku) and two haiku published in Neo classical haiku, in World Haiku Review, Winter edition 2022, edited by Susumu Takiguchi.

Third Place

beyond the darkness
the stars still shine


Honorable mention

old love letters
a drop of sealing wax
among his words


Neoclassical Haiku section

snow falls quietly
only faded memories
of the past year


wedding day
first snowflakes
on the bride’s veil

Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 8 febbraio 2022 da Eufemia Griffo in World haiku review, World Haiku Review Haiku

World Haiku Review edited by Susumu Takiguchi

I have two haiku with merit mention in Vanguard Haiku. The subject of this submission was “the death” , a difficult and poignant topic. A special thanks to Susumu Takiguchi, Editor-in-Chief and Rohini Gupta, Editor.

your absence
the loneliness
in every room

funeral wake
an old family rosary
on an empty chair

la tua assenza
la solitudine
in ogni stanza

veglia funebre
un vecchio rosario di famiglia
su una sedia vuota

Eufemia Griffo…/vanguard…/

Pubblicato 30 dicembre 2021 da Eufemia Griffo in World haiku review, World Haiku Review Haiku

World haiku review: two third place and an Haiku of merit

World haiku review: two third place
Honoured and super happy, to have two third place, an haiku of merit, and another, in World Haiku Review, Autumn 2020 edited by Susumu Takiguchi.
already autum

deafening silence
the snow too falls
without a sound
(Third place, Shintai haiku category)

I would like to be a leaf
carried by the wind
(Third place, Neo classical haiku)

già autunno
vorrei essere una foglia
portata dal vento
(Terzo posto, haiku neoclassico)

end of lockdown
the twinkle of stars
in the night sky
(Haiku of merit, Vanguard haiku, category)

old gravestones
forgotten names
under the snow
(Neo classical haiku)

silenzio assordante
anche la neve cade
senza un suono
(Terzo classificato, categoria Shintai haiku)

fine del blocco
lo scintillio delle stelle
nel cielo notturno
(Haiku di merito, haiku d’avanguardia, categoria)

vecchie lapidi
nomi dimenticati
sotto la neve
(Haiku neo classico)

Eufemia Griffo

Pubblicato 30 novembre 2020 da Eufemia Griffo in World haiku review, World Haiku Review Haiku

World Haiku Review, December 2019

The December 2019 issue of World Haiku Review is now up. Four poems of mine appear in this new collection and I have an honorable mention Vanguard Haiku section. I’m really delighted. Thanks to the editorial team and big
congratulations to everyone featured poets.


closed suitcase​
the weight of her memories​

(Honourable Mention, Vanguard haiku section)

faded black ink​
the last silent journey​
of her words​

(in memory of my mother)​

Vanguard Haiku, Zatsuei section​

first flakes​
a snow angel appears​
in my hands​

winter moorland​
the muffled whinny of a foal​
through the fog​

(Neo classical section​)

Eufemia Griffo…/worldhai…/whr-december-2019-issue

Word haiku review, 10th anniversary issue March 2018, Honourable Mention Haiku neo classical


endless waves
come and go
come and go


Eufemia Griffo 

( Honourable Mention Haiku neo classical)