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World Haiku Review, December 2019

The December 2019 issue of World Haiku Review is now up. Four poems of mine appear in this new collection and I have an honorable mention Vanguard Haiku section. I’m really delighted. Thanks to the editorial team and big
congratulations to everyone featured poets.


closed suitcase​
the weight of her memories​

(Honourable Mention, Vanguard haiku section)

faded black ink​
the last silent journey​
of her words​

(in memory of my mother)​

Vanguard Haiku, Zatsuei section​

first flakes​
a snow angel appears​
in my hands​

winter moorland​
the muffled whinny of a foal​
through the fog​

(Neo classical section​)

Eufemia Griffo…/worldhai…/whr-december-2019-issue

Word haiku review, 10th anniversary issue March 2018, Honourable Mention Haiku neo classical


endless waves
come and go
come and go


Eufemia Griffo 

( Honourable Mention Haiku neo classical)